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SSR tour

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At the Son Sureda Ric family bio winery, we produce exclusive organic red wines (approximately 3000 bottles per year). We introduce you and give you a taste of our wines, closing the doors of our property for everyone except you.
Contact us to arrange an appointment: WhatsApp or phone 619.486.619 - email:
We want you to feel at home while enjoying the peace, sounds and perfume of the most authentically rural face of Mallorca. 40 hectares of nature around you take you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life 
On our terrace we prepare for you a beautiful table with a selection of our wines and a sample of Mallorcan cuisine to accompany the tasting. 
There is no hurry, take your time to enjoy old and elegant wines (some of the year 2005). Try our natural honey and relax. If you wish, we will talk about respect for the environment and people, traditions and history. 
Without hardly realizing we will have become friends.
See you soon!!
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