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SSR Honey

for sale only on the farm

Flower honey, extracted from the honeycomb by manual centrifugation and directly packed. PRODUCED ON THE ESTATE SON SUREDA RIC, Mallorca (Spain).


Our bees feed naturally, only from the vegetation of the farm and its adjoining areas. We have the privilege of producing our honey in an area that allows flowering during the 4 seasons of the year. It provides great aromatic complexity to Son Sureda Ric honey.


We collect only once a year, between May and June, respecting the rhythm and production capacity of our honeycombs. We never over-exploit them, so our production is very limited.



in containers of 360gr., 670gr and 1,230gr.

melsonsu sf.png
Tasting note:

Amber color, its dominant aroma is fruity floral and its flavor is soft sweet, tinged by acid and salty notes. The crystallization is fast and in fine crystals thanks to the almond blossom.


PAIRING: Very versatile, it adds sweet taste to all kinds of preparations.


  • hot or cold drinks (infusions, soft drinks, juices),

  • breakfasts and snacks,

  • ice creams,

  • dairy products,

  • fish,

  • White meats,

  • desserts (fruits with honey. orange, strawberries, apple, banana, pineapple ...)

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