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Biodiversity and protection

Ecological agriculture

In 2000, the process for the certification of the farm as Ecological Agriculture and Livestock Production began. In reality, the achievement of the certification did not imply great changes since the management of land and livestock had been done in an extensive regime and with a very reduced use of phytosanitary products and chemical fertilizers.

At present, a large part of the farm's surface is used for the production of cereals, legumes and nuts, to supply the sheep and pigs that are raised in semi-free conditions.

The vineyard, located entirely within the estate, occupies an area of 3 hectares and is worked following the EU regulations for organic farming.

Nature and landscape

The Son Sureda Ric estate is located in eastern Majorca, in the northern area of the Manacor region. Both the farm and the neighboring lands delimit a privileged area where you can still enjoy a landscape little degraded by man, in which farmland, extensive livestock farming and wild vegetation and fauna are harmoniously combined.

Son Sureda Ric has been for many years a sanctuary of biodiversity due to the protectionist mentality of Mª José and Miguel; who, since the 60s of the last century, insisted that the farm gave shelter to insectivorous and raptor birds, wild mammals and native plant species.

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