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available on the estate and home delivery

Espira bottle.jpg

Ecological. Without barrel.

Gormand bottle.jpg

Aging in barrel.

Ric Pur bottle.jpg

Ecological. Aging in barrel.

Ric rogent bottle.jpg

Aging in barrel.

Son Sureda Ric by Tyson Sadlo 26.jpg

Only excellent grape.

Find out why.

bottle Cup7.jpg

Ecological. Aging in barrel.

botella Cerval.jpg

Aging in barrel.


Son Sureda Ric wines can be purchased on the estate or you can also order them through our website to home delivery.


When you come at the winery to buy wine, you physically enter at the original spaces and you can observe an environment that has been there for centuries. It is a unique experience.

Another way to buy exclusive wines


The Bodega Finca Son Sureda Ric sells its wines in personal direct sales. In such way of buying, you have the chance to know the product you get and its origin.

We open our doors and we show you the vineyards where our organic grapes are growing and the rooms for vinification and wine ageing.


The personal character of Son Sureda Ric state is transferred to the taste of their wines: The result is an exclusive product manufactured in a historic Majorcan  “finca”. Son Sureda Ric invites its customers to visit the state and there the enologist will answer all the questions about the complex processes that are needed to produce ecological designer wines.


Location and hours: click here

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